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carrier of a genetic disorder

Who is a 'carrier' of a genetic disorder?

A carrier is a person carrying a genetic trait for a disease and which can be inherited by his or her children. Typically, a carrier will not display symptoms of the disease but can pass it to future generations.

What is FirstScreen (Carrier Screening test)?

FirstScreen is a comprehensive genetic carrier screening test from First Genomix which identifies carriers of genetic conditions. This test scans genes for mutations that cause autosomal recessive and X-linked recessive disorders.

Autosomal recessive disorders (AR)

Arise when a child inherits two mutated copies of the same gene from both carrier parents.

Autosomal recessive disorders (AR)

X-linked recessive disorders (XL)

Occur when a mutated gene is located on the X-chromosome. An asymptomatic carrier mother has a 50% chance of passing the X-linked disorder to her son.

X-linked recessive disorders (XL)

Who is recommended to perform FirstScreen – Carrier Screening Test?

FirstScreen (genetic carrier screening) can be offered to all individuals who want to know their carrier status for recessive genetic disorders. However, it is particularly recommended in cases of:

Genetic Testing - Cousin Marriage
Marriage between cousins
Family history of genetic disease
Family history of genetic disease

Benefits of Carrier Screening Test

The genetic carrier screening test provides essential information that determines the carrier status of couples before pregnancy, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their reproductive options in the future.

Why choose Genetic Carrier Screening by First Genomix?

What is the next step following a FirstScreen test?

In case of a positive result, genetic counseling sessions are offered to help couples better-understand their reproductive options.

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