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FirstOnco Hereditary Cancer Panel Testing

FirstOnco is an advanced cancer panel test that specifically detects heritable, disease-causing gene mutations that are associated with cancer predisposition. This testing method can be performed for diagnostic and screening purposes.

What is hereditary cancer?

Hereditary cancer is a type of cancer that is passed down from one generation to the next within a family. It occurs when a person inherits a gene mutation for cancer. It is important to note that not all individuals with these gene mutations will develop cancer, but their likelihood of developing certain types of cancer is higher than that of the general population. Approximately 10% of all cancer cases are considered hereditary.

What are the indications for hereditary cancer testing? 

A risk for hereditary cancer may be present if the following signs are witnessed on the same side of a person’s family:

  • Two or more first-degree or second-degree relatives with breast/ovarian cancer
  • One or more first-degree or second-degree relatives with different types of cancer (same person with multiple cancer types)
  • Two or more first-degree or second-degree relatives diagnosed with cancer at an early age (before 50 years)
  • If the types of cancer running the family are breast/ovarian, colon/rectal, stomach, prostate, or pancreatic
  • Relatives with complex symptoms associated with undiagnosed hereditary cancer syndromes

What are the benefits of testing?

  • Helps identify at-risk family members
  • Increases the chances of early cancer detection, thereby facilitating early intervention
  • Allows consideration of risk-reducing prophylactic surgery
  • Encourages at-risk persons to take necessary measures to prevent the onset of hereditary cancer

How is the test performed?

FirstOnco by First Genomix uses a comprehensive panel that covers 345 genes associated with different types of hereditary cancer. The panel includes well-established cancer-related genes, in addition to candidate genes with potential association to cancer. The test also helps in diagnosing complex hereditary cancer syndromes along with their associated cancer types in the following categories:

After a positive result, genetic counseling is offered to the patient to discuss available medical and reproductive treatment options.