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Who We Are

First Genomix (previously known as Viafet Genomics Laboratory) is the leading provider of world-class genetic diagnostic services in the GCC and Middle East region. Since 2012, First Genomix has been extending its services to a wide network of local, regional, and international healthcare providers, offering unparalleled expertise in genetic testing using the most advanced molecular diagnostic technologies.

First Genomix offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly specialized reproductive, prenatal, diagnostic, and screening solutions complemented by genetic counseling support by our highly-qualified team of geneticists and professional counselors. Being the first laboratory in the GCC and Middle East to gain accreditation by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for Next-Generation Sequencing technologies, First Genomix continually strives to expand its test offerings and streamline its workflows to provide physicians with better diagnostic insights that will help redefine and elevate the level of care delivered to patients.


To Offer Complete Pgt Services In The Uae
To Provide Whole Exome Sequencing In The Uae
To Be Cap Accredited For Ngs In The Gcc

Our Vision

At First Genomix, we envision a future where the root molecular causes behind countless diseases are well-understood. We believe that harnessing the power of genomic science can deliver powerful, personalized, and reliable diagnostic insights that can empower healthcare decisions and improve patient lives.

Our Mission

Improving patient outcomes is at the forefront of our mission. Through unwavering dedication and committed investment in state-of-the-art technologies, we aspire to help alleviate the burden of genetic disorders, improve reproductive outcomes for families with inheritable diseases, and aid couples to grow into healthy families.