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Products of Conception testing

Products of Conception testing (POC) is a genetic investigation used for evaluating couples who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss. The POC test analyzes the chromosomes from the residual tissue of a lost pregnancy to determine if the cause behind fetal loss was a chromosomal abnormality.

When is POC testing recommended?

A POC test is particularly important in the following cases:

  • If couples had two or more miscarriages (from natural or assisted conception)
  • If couples want to better understand the reasons for the miscarriage and identify recurrence risks
  • For confirmation of abnormal prenatal test results following pregnancy loss

How is the test performed?

24-Chromosome analysis of POC samples identifies leading causes behind miscarriages (which may include aneuploidies or unbalanced translocations). This will help guide better-informed pregnancy management care in the future and improve the outcomes of subsequent pregnancies.

The genetic report will state any diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities, including:

  • Aneuploidy
  • Partial chromosome deletion or duplication (>20 Mb)
  • Unbalanced chromosomal rearrangements (>20 Mb), in cases of abnormal parental karyotype)

If a chromosomal abnormality is detected, the patient is advised to discuss the results with the healthcare provider to make the best decision for managing future pregnancies. First Genomix provides reproductive counseling to help with these decisions.

In case no chromosomal abnormalities were detected, then pregnancy loss is most likely attributed to other causes.